The automobile, for Marshall Mc Luhan, is an extension of our own feet. From convenience to necessity, to status symbol, renders our movement "magical", thanks to the synergy between a multiplicity of sectors and actors. Automobiles and motorcycles are only the tip of the iceberg: how to communicate the magic that is born of the union of men, each with his own ingeniousness, knowledge and strength?

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PC e Mac


Email, text messages, social networks. Computers and laptops, iPods and iPads, video calling, multimedia screens integrate and dialogue with one another, dilating necessary times and resources for their proper functioning and obtainment of profit objectives.

How can you combine the multitude of devices under a single system capable of optimizing connections, updates and power of communication in terms of time, costs and implemented resources?

kuBOX is the multimedia, hardware and software solution for your interactive communication needs.

kuBOX reflects your company’s universe and lets it be experienced by all types of users, all over the world, using all types of support devices.

With kuBOX the user feels like he/she is part of a community, and at the same time unique and special.

With kuBOX the company is able to optimize time, costs and implemented resources and simultaneously reinforce its power of communication.