Molino Dallagiovanna

Far farina dal 1832

To express a multifaceted reality with many diverse aspects, illustrating an original identity through the combination of simultaneously traditional and innovative elements, a means of communication just as multifaceted is also necessary.

Molino Dallagiovanna, the historical food sector company in Emilia, has become an important point of reference for the foods industry at a national and international level, and has also renovated their company’s institutional and communicative image over the past two years.  Starting with a coordinated logo and image, the Molino has undertaken total restyling of communication means and contents, involving classic forms of media, such as printed materials, as well as new technologies.

With kuBOX, a website was created using diverse static elements, such as the company presentation, as well as dynamic elements, such as the course calendar, news, events and press area.  This website is not only a showcase of the world of Dallagiovanna, but also a real interactive tool able to connect and update in real time online and on the major social networks thanks to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) of GEDI ONLINE.

Furthermore, kuBOX was an essential graphic and communicative tool for use in trade fairs and events, where thanks to a monitor with an aerial mouse, the main themes of the company were made accessible to the public:  the history of a trade – a photographic gallery – the art of making flour – the presentation of all the diverse types of Molino Dallagiovanna flour mixtures – and the passion for high quality, in diverse initiatives: courses, workshops and demonstrations.

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