The system of Piacenza excellence

For a nocturnal event, nothing is more striking than a series of large exciting images framed by the dark night. The evocative power of representation can unleash its full potential.

For the occasion of PiacenzAssapora, the first event for the project PIAC(eccell)ENZA, we focused on the power of the essence, with a slideshow of images of the Piacenza province, in a well aimed program of visual comparisons to other places in the world, highlighting the axiom of beauty as a pure concept, not bound by any conventions.   The presentation of the images without frames or luminous backgrounds created a reflective dynamic in the water of the swimming pool, creating a sort of magic, an illusion.

kuBOX, in addition to the slideshow, also allowed the creation of website and facebook fan page, fully interactive with one another, for updating of news in real time.

It was therefore possible to create a highly effective coordinated image capable of harmonizing all information into a single context, reinforcing the communicative message before, during and after the event.

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