100% water and wind

A sailing school, with courses for all ages and individual abilities. But also a point of reference for everyone who loves the sea, from athletes to adventurers, to fans of comfort. Whether for a weekend on a boat navigated by a skipper, without a thought in the world except for the sun and the waves, or the desire to travel far, Velamare is the spot on point of reference.

kuBOX, like a contemporary kaleidoscope, encloses the different characteristics of this reality, combining these in an interactive system, articulated and integrated with an online booking system (GEDI ONLINE) with communication and direct updating with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and the major social networks. This amplifies resonance of initiatives and events, keeping regular clients well informed and expanding the communications user base, thanks to a network of typical contacts in social networks.

These are the diverse spirits of Velamare: school, charters and sport navigation are combined under a single communicative banner, reinforcing the identity and special qualities of the company without losing the richness of a vast, yet highly specific offer.

Mobile PC and Mac Community